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Build your own real Theremin

The NY Theremin Society and Pioneer Works invite you to build your own functional Theremin using Open Theremin, an open source hardware and software project - January 27th @ Pioneer Works, Brooklyn NY - space is limited - rsvp

To mark the 100th birthday of the THEREMIN in 2020,  the NY THEREMIN SOCIETY is pleased to announce the release  of a physical/digital CD compilation THEREMIN 100, featuring 50 Thereminists presenting original works that captures today’s thriving Theremin Scene. 


Featured Artists include: Gregoire Blanc, Miles Brown, Charles Draper, Carolina Eyck, Hekla, Japan Theremin Old School, Thorwald Jorgensen, Lydia Kavina, Christopher Payne, Bruce Woolley and many more..

Theremin 100


Theremin Classes and Workshops

Upcoming NYTS Theremin Workshops:

2019 PARIS Theremin Classes June 16th at Gaite Lyrique: L’Ecole Theremine

2019 Feb 1-3, LAUSANNE Academie de Theremine (partner organization N O D E)

2019 Jan 25, BROOKLYN Theremin Master Classes at Pioneer Works

2019 Jan 13, NEW YORK CITY Theremin Work-shops at the New Ear Festival - 169 Bowery

2018 CA Oakland Theremin Classes Dec 1- 8th at OK STEREO

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January 13th - 8pm - 169 BOWERY

The NYTS launches its new concert series as part of the NEW EAR FESTIVAL at Fridman Gallery:

8 Thereminists and students of the Theremin present new works and explorations, continuing the experimental concert series that started in 2006 at Issue Project Room when the NY Theremin Society was founded.

Featuring Performances by:

Gabriel and Rachael Guma, Matt Dallow, Charles Hobbs, Cornelius Loy, Dorit Chrysler and the THEREMINOES

get your Ticket!

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Kid Cool Theremin School

Upcoming NYC THEREMIN Class for KIDS:

January 13th NYC @ NEW EAR FESTIVAL at the Fridman Gallery, 169 Bowery nyc


Tickets $25 (space is limited)

photo: Martin Argyollo

photo: Martin Argyollo

L'Ecole Theremin - 2 Days of Theremin Workshops in Paris - 26th and 27th of October, 2018 - hosted by Gaite Lyrique & KidCoolThereminSchool - supported by Mesi & Moog Music

L'Ecole Theremin - 2 Days of Theremin Workshops in Paris - 27th & 28th of June 2018 - hosted by Gaite Lyrique & KidCoolThereminSchool - supported by Mesi & Moog Music

L'Ecole Theremin - 2 Days of Theremin Workshops in Paris - 11th and 12th of April, 2018 - hosted by Gaite Lyrique & KidCoolThereminSchool - supported by Mesi & Moog Music

THE NY THEREMIN SOCIETY RETURNS TO WOMAD this July 26-29, 2018 - THEREMIN WORSKHOPS & PERFORMANCES daily at the PHYSICS TENT - in collaboration with CERN & WOMAD - supported by Moog Music & Austrian Cultural Forum London

photo: Martin Argyollo

photo: Martin Argyollo



premiered at the NATIONAL TAICHUNG THEATRE, 7 + 8 April 2018

DANCE CONCERT – takes the form of a dance concert – a musical performance where dance makes music.  Following the invention of Russian physicist Léon Theremin (1896-1993), the idea was to appropriate from operational parameters of terpsitone – an analogue space-played instrument that uses ether waves,  electromagnetic fields, and the electrical conduction of the human body. The sounds are obtained by simply moving in proximity towards or away from an antenna without touching the instrument, as opposed to the traditional European instrument that involves direct physical contact. Terpsitone is played through a virtual field. This work opens a new cycle concerning space. DANCE CONCERT is build from a concern with human beings’ relationship with their environment.   Against the narrative of the instrument being a tool for the


exercise of power and surveillance, conquering and tracing inner and outer boundaries – DANCE CONCERT is a dynamic entanglement, without apparent boundaries, where dancing bodies organise silence, engaging in the practice of listening.

Upcoming Performances:

12 + 13 September DANCE CONCERT / Productie Huis Rotterdam / NL

 28 September DANCE CONCERT / Centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie / FR

 3 – 6 October DANCE CONCERT / Centre Pompidou in the frame of Festival d’Automne / FR


Musical Supervision: the NY Theremin Society

Clara Rockmore playing the Terpsitone

Clara Rockmore playing the Terpsitone