DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS expired on September 30th 2018.

To mark the 100th birthday of the THEREMIN in 2019,  the NY THEREMIN SOCIETY is pleased to announce the release  of an Audio CD Compilation "Theremin 100," featuring original Theremin Compositions by some of the most noted Theremin Virtuosos as to shed light on a Contemporary International Theremin Scene. 

Registration for Submission:

Once registered, please submit a short, original theremin composition by September 15th 2018 to be considered for release - in the FORMAT of a 24bit, 48khz wave file  -  via

Please name the wavefile with your (artist)name and songname. 

For example: amadeus_mozart-nachtigall.wav

Please also include infos about the song ( it should be an unreleased recording and original composition), a very short bio, one foto (max 3mb), specification of instruments being used (such as which model theremin)  and your mailing adress.  Please  send all info asap to the email listed below,  final deadline is September 15th 2018. 

A Selection of Tracks that won't make it onto the CD (79 min length) will be released online as bonus tracks.  Each Thereminist, whose track is represented on the actual audio CD will receive a free copy, and is welcome to purchase additional copies at wholesale pricing.  Once production costs are recouped, profits are split among the artists.    


 photo: William Nadylam

photo: William Nadylam